Direction to Will's Place

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Naperville, IL 60563
Cellular 630-***-****

from northern suburb, 294 south, 88 west toward Aurora, exit at Route 59 (after Naperville and Winfield exit), go south Route 59,  turn right on Diehl (southwest corner is Mobile gas station, 1st main intersection), left on Country Club (left side is a pond along a golf course), right on Fairway (end of Country Club, first stop sign), right on Hilton Head 2nd to the last townhouse on the right (almost all the way in)

from west suburb, 355 south (=53, =290), 88 west toward Aurora, ...

one misnomer, Yahoo Map does not show the "Country Club" off the Diehl Road.  It is okay to follow the Yahoo driving direction too.

Yahoo! Map

from northern suburb
 294 south, if you are coming from the west suburb, 355 south (=53, =290)

IMG_0007.JPG  88 west

IMG_0006.JPG  again, 88 west toward Aurora, not 290 East

 IMG_0008.JPG exit at Route 59

IMG_0009.JPG turn left on the ramp, south Rt 59

IMG_0010.JPG  go south Rt 59

IMG_0011.JPG  very first major intersection

IMG_0012.JPG turn right/west on Diehl, look at Mobile gas station

IMG_0013.JPG  less than 100 yards, ready to turn left/ south on Country Club drive

IMG_0014.JPG  turn here into the golf course entrance


After turning right on Fairway Drive, go almost all the way to Hilton Head


It's the third townhouse on the right.

The rest is history.  You should able to find it if you can make it to this far.  Presently enjoy my warm hospitality when you come into my humble hut.

mi casa es su casa
(Latin: My house is your house.)