I was born on the night of *** ***  *** around 12:20am.    It was from a small hospital in Jang-An Dong, Seoul.  In fact a tiny hospital because my mom was afraid that I might be switched with another baby in a big hospital.
My chinese zodiac is tiger.   I think tigers are most beautiful creatures on earth.  If I am given a chance to live again, other than as a man, I would choose tiger.  My full name is Wooseong William Jung.  I am the 24th line of the Jung family from Gwang-Ju, Kyung-ki Do as the family origin.  So, on my family record my name is Yoonseong Jung because the 24th line must have Yoon or Chung in his given name.  At a later time, I will post my chinese name characters too.
                        I am a normal, average joe in almost every aspects except everything.  I am a Korean in US.  I associate more with Koreans than Korean-Americans.  I have an US citizenship and English name, but I am not a 1.5 genex.  As of nineteen ninty-six summer, my height is 5'11 ".  That's little less than 180 cm.  I weigh 165 lb.  I'd lost 10 lb from last year.  Maybe the school food is not edible?  I wear glasses and my eyes are becoming worse (near-sighted) every year, but wear contacts when I can get up early.  I am right-handed, have one older sister, am a 4th year college student, pursue True Truth , moved to US eight years ago (May, 1988), drive an old Chevy, a night person, .... what's more... strong Korean accent that I can't get rid of ... type 45 words per minute, or about 180 spm (Hangul), like Snoopy and his gang, like Fox Trot too... listen to every music genre... have ~150 CD's 80 of them classical, 40 of them opera (especially Mozart, Verdi and Rossini), 30 of them pop, and only one Korean CD which is a mixed one.  Ah one more, a Vineyard CD.  I do listen to Korean music, but I do not buy. Mostly I download MP3 files from the Internet and record on my MiniDisk. If you don't know what MiniDisk is, oh well, think of it as smaller compact disk that you can record on. I shouldn't self-pity as cheapskate nor brag the fact that I am not contributing to the growth of the (Korean) Gayo industry. But my music entertainment budget must cover for the high cost of the MD recorder.  

I came to the States when I was a second grader in a Junior-High in Korea.  That's when I was a 13-year-old.  First I was placed into the eighth grade in a Chicago Public School.  But that was less than a month.  Then I went to the Mather High School in Chicago.  A year later I transferred to Glenbrook South in Glenview, which is in affluent north surburban neighborhood.  Years later I am attending Northwestern University.  There were a lot of things I'd liked to do. A doc was my momentary goal but soon lost my objective. But I was sure that I wanted to be Renaissance Man. I took various Greek literatures and classical studies. I took seemingly interesting subjects which I haven't dared before because of my poor English. But I told myself, "Grades are not as important as my quest for Truth." Now, as a graduating undergrad, I know better: only thing that will remain as Truth is your transcript. 

About Girls; As soon as I find my significant other, I am going to marry. It'll be nice if it happens after I graduate and get a decent job. Blur. blah .. love a girl passionately ... be a hero ... have X number of children ... die ... reborn ... be a hero again ...blah... that's my plan.

My favorite movie is Cyrano de Bergerac, which is a French romance(?) movie.  It's about a guy with a deformed nose but with an eloquency of words that grabbed my heart.  Until the end Cyrano can never confess his love for the girl though he wrote her of his passion in an other person's identity so many times.  I confess that this is the first and only movie that I had cried while watching.  Here, the man has one physical "error" that many of us could have(for us, it doesn't even have be a physical deficiency).  But he has the gift of words that can encapsulate our minds and invigorate our unknow beauty within (everyone of us has a unique talent).  The society that valued the physical beauty more than inner one forced him to be silent until his end.  He comes to see her while bleeding from a fatal wound sustained from an assassination attempt. Knowing his life nears the end, he comes to see her instead going to a doctor.  Hiding his wound because he does not want to alarm her, he slowly recites a love prose while slowly closing his eyes.  Anyway I strongly recommend that you see this movie.

I am an athletic man because I would not mind playing any sports.  Or I can confess that I am not excellent in any sports.  I playbasketball, tennis, volleyball,softball, (anything here).   I play everything, so I can be your sports partner, but you have to teach me from basics. You can you assure that I won't be a basic novice player. Somehow I am very good at first tries. People marveled whenever I leap their expectations for beginners. But soon my beginner's luck runs out and I do not improve. It's because I haven't found something that really interests me.  Most of time I run.  I dash whenever I feel down.  I run until I feel like puking.  When the oxygen in my head, lung, and every living body cells are utilized at a maximum workload, my worries are switched to immediate concerns like; can I survive?  I may die from a heart failure or ....so this problem is not life-or-death thing. The real problem is .... living ... just ... to live.  

More to come!!!

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